1.   Implementation of quality system in aviation organization (GAP analyse, consulting, training,
      documentation preparation);
2.   Implementation of OPS 1, IOSA, JAR FCL 1, ISO 9001, Part M/145/147 norms;
3.   Education of aviation internal auditors;
4.   Training for Safety Management System (SMS), in accordance with ICAO programme;
5.   Training for a Part 145 and Part M of EC 2042/2003;
6.   Preparation and sustention of Quality briefing for employees;
7.   Assistance in preparation of Audits (EASA, FAA, ICAO, etc);
8.   Assistance and consulting for definition of corrective actions needed after Audit findings;
9.   Audit conduct under provision of OPS 1, IOSA, JAR FCL 1, Part M/145/147, ISO 9001 standards;
10. Establishment of a training system for Inspectors of responsible national aviation bodies;
11. Preparation of Operation Manuals and handbooks for aircraft maintenance for Airlines;
12. Calculation of aircraft performances, preparation and production of Aircraft Performance Manuals;
13. Projecting of Engine Failure Procedures;
14. Training of pilots and operative staff from the subject of Aircraft Performance (JAR FCL 1, theme 032);
15. Supervision of aircraft weighing, processing of weighing results and calculations of DOW / DOI  value;
16. Calculation and design of Operative Envelope of center of gravity;
17. Continuous monitoring, documentation and evaluation of the effects of modifications to the aircraft
      mass & balance;
18. Projecting and production of customized software for mass & balance calculation;
19. Training of pilots and operative staff from the subject of Mass & Balance (JAR FCL 1, theme 031);
20. Consulting for organization and guidance of airlines flight operation;
21. Establishment of Reliability Monitoring System.
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