1.   Production of hardware components for ATM system;
2.   Procurement, installation, inspection and maintenance of all type of RADAR  
3.   Definition and preparation of strategic documents for ATM system;
4.   Preparation of project documentation for ATM systems;
5.   Preparation of project documentation for ATM buildings;
6.   ATM Project supervision;
7.   Training for CNS technical staff;
8.   Preparation of Operational and Maintenance Manuals for CNS operational systems;
9.   Supervision and maintenance of CSN systems;
10.   Upgrade of existing ATM systems;
11.  Production of software for improving CNS systems;
12. Safety Assessments for ATM systems (FHA, PSSA, SSA), and preparation of the other safety relevant documentation
        (Strategy for Safety Assurance, Safety Management Plan);
13. Define and finding appropriate location for the radar positions;
14. Frequency management;
15. Definition and document preparation for civil/military coordination;
16. Airspace design.
17. Digitalisation and upgrade of primary radar P-18
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Preparation of Studies for aerial firefighting
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