1.   Preparation of Aeronautical (safety) Studies for Airports/Airfields purposes;
2.   Preparation of CAA’s for ICAO audits (USOAP);
3.   Preparation of CAA’s for development of national regulation to meet international requirements (ICAO/EASA);
4.   Assistance to develop manuals and guidebooks for CAA’s;
5.   Preparation and assistance to CAA’s for airport certification process;
6.   Development of national oversight plans;
7.   Catchment area analysis;
8.   Air Traffic Forecasting and peak analysis;
9.   Feasibility studies;
10. Airport site selection;
11. Airport Master planning and land use planning;
12. Airside geometric planning (Annex 14);
13. Airport design and airport engineering;
14. Airport visual aids planning and design;
15. Airport pavement (structural) design and engineering;
16. Development of tailored strategic models for small and medium sized airports;
17. Training solutions specifically tailored to meet airport operators requirements;
18. Conducting aerodrome safety audits based on ICAO/ISAGO/IFQP;
19. On-site development and implementation of Aerodrome Manual;
20. On-site development and implementation of aerodrome Safety Management System (SMS);
21. On-site development and implementation of aerodrome Quality Management System;
22. Assistance with airport Emergency planning and rescue and fire-fighting matters;
23. Measuring customer satisfaction at airports and developing programmes for improvements;
24. Preparation of projects documentation for Runways, Taxiways, Aprons, Terminal buildings, Hangars,car parking lot;
25. Assistance in obstacle identification, marking, mapping and development of aeronautical (safety) studies related to
26. Development of Runway Safety Plans (implementation of Runway Safety Teams)
27. Implementation of SMGCS and A-SMGCS;
28. Assistance in implementation of European Action Plan for Prevention of Runway Incursions;
29. Calculation and definition of Airport capacity (Terminal Building, Apron, Runway).
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